Art Exhibit at the Salisbury Business Center

The Salisbury Business Center, located in historic Downtown Salisbury, is collaborating with local artists to display an array of artwork in a variety of mediums. The art shows are part of the Salisbury Business Center Art Partnerships Gallery Exhibits program, wherein gallery space is provided in order to promote area artists and to increase art appreciation within the community. To achieve these goals, the SBC sponsors art exhibits in four periods annually, free and open to the public. Visitors are invited to view the exhibit weekdays, Monday – Friday, from 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

Current Exhibit:

‘Mook in Color’ | A Watercolor Art Exhibit

November 1,  2019 – January 24, 2020

‘Mook in Color features over (50) original watercolor pieces by local artist Mark ‘Mook’ Brincefield.

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Recent Exhibitors:

‘Light | Paper | Scissors’  – A Photography Exhibit

August 2, 2019 – October 25, 2019

‘The Color of Motion’ May 10, 2019 – July 26, 2019

    • Emery Partee IV
    • Abigail Young
    • Bruce White

‘Through the Eyes of the City’ – A Photography Exhibit

MultiMedia Art by Duane DuVall

    • Duane DuVall photography and digital art

Carolina Artists

      • Catherine Soderberg
      • Mary Ellen Bennett
      • Tonda Coutu
      • Marshall Stokes
      • Clyde
      • Yvonne Alligood
      • Andrea Brown

Other Contributors

      • Laura Rasmussen
      • Laura Vella
      • Paige Thrasher
      • Isabel Hartsell
      • Ashley Pierce Love
      • Sue McHugh

Previous exhibits included the following artists:

Marti Cupples
Carol Dunkley
Ray Earnhardt
Keyth Kahrs
Patt Legg
Melissa Levy
Don Moore
Lewellen Padgett
Guy Raymond
Mark Stephenson
Robert Toth
Bailey Wingler
Sue McHugh
Amber Poteat
Darcey Q. Wilson
David Roman
Diane Overcash
Ethan Strickland
Gloria Rodriguez
Hope Holmes
Liliana D’Ambra Litaker
Regina Burchett
Shane Manier
W.F. Bill Smith
Carolyn O. Kirkman
Jan Pruett
Mary Ellen Bennet
Mary Roakes
Genevieve Martin
Jo Ann Smith
Lisa Mirisola
Isabella Almazan
Victoria Amaro
Chloe Kirkpatrick
Olivia Cunningham
Kristina Neumiller
Serena Wale
Colleen Welday
Lila Thomas
Julia Rockwell
Alexa Smith
Taylor Lettice
Cam Zimmerman
Luke Schenk
Erin Simerson
Madeline Laity
Chyna Sykes
Mikaila Gadsen
Korbynne Hill
McKenzie Farmer
Salem Fleming
Jackie Valois
Jill Nation
MacKenzie Fornshell
Micahiah Marion
Morgan Warren
Jessica Nichols
Mercedes Robinson
Taylor Sever
Gracie Rodgers
Allison Tesh
Hunter Christy
Jessica Jensen
Kaila Wacker
Josh Hunter
Ben Coulter
Madison Miller

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