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Tara Van Geons is the Media Specialist for Integro Technologies and the Salisbury Business Center.


Salisbury Business CenterThe Salisbury Business Center, located in historic Downtown Salisbury, is collaborating with local artists to display an array of artwork in a variety of mediums.

The Salisbury Business Center provides key-person space, individual offices, and office suites to small companies. It also houses a state-of-the-art auditorium and several meeting spaces that are available for rental and use by the public.

Sharon QuoteWith hundreds of people visiting the Salisbury Business Center a year to visit business tenants, to attend meetings, or to train at seminars, it is a natural partnership to highlight local artists.

“Showcasing and promoting our resident artists is a part of our philosophy to always ‘think local.’  We feel fortunate that we have the opportunity to display artists from Rowan and surrounding counties, right here in our Salisbury Business Center,” said Operations Manager, Sharon Baker.

From July 20, 2015 through October 16, 2015, several artists will showcase their artwork.

The exhibition is open to the public at the Salisbury Business Center, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. All artwork is available for purchase from the artists and information is available at the receptionist area.

The Salisbury Business Center is located at 301 South Main Street, Salisbury, North Carolina. For more information, contact Sharon Baker at (704) 209-4589.


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Marti Harrington Cupples

Marti CupplesMarti is a resident of Stanly County. She is a self-taught artist, and says she inherited the “art gene.” She medium is acrylic on canvas, and her favorite subject matters include trees and ocean scenes. Her canvases tend to be bold, bright, and vibrant. Examples of her work can be found on Facebook: 

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Carol Dunkley

Carol DunkleyCarol is a color blind artist who started drawing and painting in her 60’s, and loves the new horizons and discoveries that constantly come her way.  She makes her home in Salisbury, NC. Her work is meant to make you smile, so please do. Learn more about Carol on her website:

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Ray Earnhardt

Ray EarnhardtRay’s art has been an evolution – initially focused on useful everyday tools made by hand, utilizing old-time methods (guns, bows, knives, arrowheads), to a more decorative aesthetic depicting scenes in nature. He is fascinated with critters and plant life and through photography and quiet moments of study, recreates these scenes from recycled metal (old file cabinets, farm implements, tv tube glass) using fire from a torch or his hand built forge. Ray is currently displaying “Deep Sea Star”.

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Keyth Kahrs

Keyth KarhsKeyth is a representational artist who works in acrylics and transparent watercolor.  His subject matter is varied, and in many instances features water, dramatic light with shadow and reflections. Landscapes are his favorite subject.  His work has been described as California Super Realism, a term that he embraces with enthusiasm. Keyth is a resident artist at the Rail Walk Studios & Gallery. For more information, visit their website at

Keyth is currently displaying the following works at the Salisbury Business Center: “Rock of Azores”, “Crater Lake Blue”, and “Duncan Lake”.

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Patt Legg

Patt Legg ProfilePatt began painting later in life after the birth of her third child and still considers it a new and wonderful experience. She paints and teaches in the Classical method of the Old Masters:  a technique that requires hours of the layering process, dedication and patience. It is the love of the Masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer that keeps the excitement alive for her—the joy of sharing her work with others that makes her blood flow and teaching that is a way of “paying it forward” to others so they may find that joy. Learn more about Patt here:

Patt is currently displaying “Ocean’s Illusion” and “Got’cha!”.

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Melissa Levy

Melissa LevyMelissa Levy is a contemporary abstract painter. Her paintings are mostly acrylics on canvas with a wide range of unique texture techniques. Her work carries a wide variety of colors and heavy layers. She has had a passion for painting for several years and enjoys exploring new ways to express her thoughts and feelings on canvas. Melissa has many favorite artists, but is most inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler. Born and raised in Stanly County, she now resides in Charlotte, NC.

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Don Moore

Don MooreBorn in Birmingham, Alabama, Don received his art training at the University of Alabama through the MFA. Additional studies from the University of Georgia and training in painting and figure drawing was received at the Art Student’s League in NYC. Most of his life has been involved in teaching. He was the Art Director of Mitchell Community College in Statesville, NC, for 32 years. Moore is a Juried Member of the Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, NC; the Pastel Society of North Carolina; the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society. Find out more at

Don is displaying “Abandoned”, “We Meet Again”, “Walk in the Woods”, and “Spencer Wood”.

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Lewellen Padgett

Lewellen PadgettIn 1990, Lewellen and her husband, Clyde, relocated to Salisbury where they have made their home on South Fulton Street. She has continued to refine her medium, Shadow Box Construction, and has shown in Charlotte at the Blue Pony Gallery, in Black Mountain at Seven Sisters, and the Blue Butterfly Gallery. She had a solo exhibition at Pfeiffer University. In 2005, she had an exhibition at the Waterworks Visual Arts Center entitled, “Incantations and Incarnations.” She has continued to show throughout North Carolina and is honored to have her work included in many patrons’ collections. Learn more about Lewellen at

Lewellen has six shadow boxes on display at the Salisbury Business Center including “Yes, But the Inside?”, “Dream Travels”, “The Pine Cone”, “Goodbye, Sweet Boy II”, and “We Two, One World.”

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Guy Raymond

Guy Raymond ProfileGuy Raymond was born in Western Massachusetts in the city of North Adams. In 1978 he moved to Richmond, Virginia with his wife Lynn and attended J. Sargeant Reynolds College where he got his first experience with oil paints. In the mid 1980s he became serious about art and enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University and majored in Painting and Printmaking. A job-related move took him to Concord, NC and he continued studies in printmaking and ceramics at UNC Charlotte. Guy creates exciting original oil paintings that tell a story, using figure and abstract shapes and dimensions. His goal is to draw the viewer in and get them thinking! Learn more about Guy at

Guy’s work on display is “Battle for the Throne”, “Your Move”, and “Drive In”.

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Mark Stephenson

Mark StephensonNorth Carolina native Mark Stephenson is a full-time artist based in Salisbury, NC who through a multi-faceted personal background, brings a unique perspective to his work. A graduate of Pfeiffer University, North Carolina State University and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Mark earned degrees in Civil Engineering and Vocal Performance. Mark relocated to New York City in the 1990s where he studied at the prestigious Art Students League with noted painters and sculptors Frank O’Cain, Leonid Gervitz, and Leonid Lerman. Success at the Art Students League ushered in awards and commissions including acceptance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s copyists program. Find out more about Mark on his website,

Mark’s pieces on display are “Milking Time”, “Just Milked”, and “First Light”.

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Robert Toth

Robert TothRobert Toth grew up in New Jersey, and graduated from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, where he majored in Fine Art. His post graduate studies were at the Art Students League, New York City, and the Cape School of Art with Henry Hensche, Provincetown, Mass. He has worked in industry creating architectural renderings and designing trophies. For several years he was on the design staff with Congoleum Industries. In 1975 he established the “Island heights Studio of Art” and RT-DESIGNS USA.. He presently resides and is working from his studio facility in Salisbury, North Carolina. His work is displayed in private and public collections in the US and throughout the world. Learn more at

Robert’s “Art Train” is being displayed at the Salisbury Business Center.

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Bailey Winger

Bailey WingerBailey Wingler is a Visual Artist who calls Salisbury home. She began Just Bailey Designs in January 2014, marketing her artworks primarily online. Bailey creates a wide variety of artworks and specializes in personalized commissioned works including abstract pet portraits, whimiscal decorative items and various custom signs and ornaments. Initially a self taught Artist, Bailey is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and is looking for new opportunities to grow in this field. Bailey has sold her work in various venues throughout Salisbury, Winston-Salem, and Kannapolis, North Carolina. More information can be found on her website at

Bailey’s pieces on display are “Rise and Shine” and “Still Life”.


Small Business Resources

What is the Salisbury Business Center?

SBC ExteriorThe Salisbury Business Center is located in the heart of Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina. It is home to several businesses, and offers keyman space, office suites, and meeting spaces. Physical mail boxes are available for rental as well.

At present, our current tenants are: Integro Technologies, Wells Fargo Advisors, Duncan Law, Falcon Investments, Ally Home Care, and Piedmont Digital Solutions. There is space available for rental and build out.

There are three conference rooms available for rental, and they are fully equipped with state of the art technology. The Salisbury Business Center is also home to the Salisbury Auditorium, which seats 76 people, and is ideal for meetings, training, or seminars.


Small Business Resources

Businesses that are locating to Salisbury, North Carolina have a number of resources readily available. The Salisbury Business Center has a great deal to offer in office space and rental of conference and meeting space. However, and it is important to have accurate information when looking for business resources.

RowanWORKS,-Economic-DevelopmentThe Gateway Center, located on East Innes Street, houses the Rowan Chamber of Commerce, the Salisbury-Rowan Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, RowanWorks (Salisbury Rowan Economic Development), the Land Trust, Downtown Salisbury, Inc., and Community in Schools.

downtown salisbury inc logoOther key resources include the City of  Salisbury, Rowan County Office and Register of Deeds, and the NC  Department of Revenue (business licenses).

Rowan Cabarrus Community College houses the Small Business Center, and Downtown Salisbury, Inc. is a wealth of knowledge.

If you are looking for resources for your business, these would be the key places to start. If you are looking for conference rooms, event space, or training space, the Salisbury Business Center is ideal.


How to Hold a Good Meeting

6 Tips for Conducting an Effective Meeting

Meetings are not always a thrilling experience in the office.  They take up time, and many people have negative experiences with them. The presenter goes off topic, the meeting goes to long, there was no agenda, or even worse, no one knows why they are meeting in the first place.

Don Jacobson’s “The 6 Golden Rules of Meeting Management” provides insight to conducting professional and effective meetings, whether you are running a meeting for a non-profit organization or a Fortune 500 company. The rules for conducting a meeting are same.

Always be considerate. Run a meeting you would like to attend.

This is conducive to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Be prepared.

The person running the meeting should be prepared with agendas, all required information, presentations, and meeting objectives. The participants also should be given adequate time to prepare. Distribute meeting agendas a day before the meeting, or earlier if possible. If background information is needed for the participants, be sure to provide that as well.

If there is nothing to put on the agenda, the organizer should ask herself whether there really needs to be a meeting.

Stay on schedule.

Start a meeting on time and end it on time. If the topics require additional discussion, table them and arrange for additional meeting time. If topics only need to be discussed further with one or two other meeting participants, arrange a private meeting at a later time.

Stay on topic as much as possible.

While tangents are going to happen, the organizer and participants need to stay on topic in order to accomplish the set agenda.

Don’t hold a meeting if you don’t need a meeting.

Staff meetings are crucial vehicles for maintaining good communication in the office, but it is important to find the right balance between good communication and productive uses of time. Is a daily staff meeting necessary? For some companies, yes. But if a meeting really isn’t necessary, don’t make people come to a meeting. It will cause negative feelings and low morale if meetings are held for the sake of holding a meeting.

Wrap up meetings with a clear statement of the next steps and who is to take them.

If any decisions were made at the meeting, the organizer should clearly summarize what needs to be done and who is going to do it. If the people  leave a meeting and no one is accountable for taking action on the decisions that were made, then the meeting will have been a waste of everyone’s time.


These simple rules can go a long way in making meetings more productive. Implementing them is not always easy, as they require preparation and discipline, but doing so can make a huge difference to the productivity of your organization.

Conference and Meeting Space in Salisbury, NC

SBC-Salisbury-NCSalisbury, North Carolina  is a beautiful place to hold a conference, and there is no better venue than the Salisbury Business Center.

Located in the heart of Downtown Salisbury, the Salisbury Business Center is ideal for meetings of two people to 76 people.

Slide14 The Salisbury Business Center has three conference rooms and a stadium style, state-of-the-art auditorium that comfortably seats up to 76 people.

The Business Nook and Lobby are idea for hors d’ourves and registration, and our full-time staff is reliable, friendly, and on-hand for all conference needs.

Concierge service, on-site catering, ample parking and complimentary wi-fi are all available from the Salisbury Business Center.

Conference rooms have been used for meetings, interviews, keyman space, teleconferencing, and depositions and the auditorium has been used for seminars, speakers, annual meetings, and more.

The Salisbury Business Center is within walking distance of some of the city’s best restaurants, unique shopping, local hotspots, and historic districts.

To schedule a visit and to learn more, call Sharon Baker at (704) 209-4589 or email

Salisbury Business Center Meeting Room Salisbury Business Center Event Space Salisbury Business Center Front Lobby Salisbury Business Center Business Nook SBC Integro Conference Room SBC Auditorium


      Salisbury North Carolina

Wedding Venues in Salisbury, NC

If you are planning a wedding, there are quite a few  traditional and non-traditional options for wedding venues in Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina.

The Heritage Room is a lovely space that accommodates up to 175 people. This space is great for wedding, proms, conferences, and even baby showers.

Meroney Theater is a non-traditional venue. This historic theater would give a wedding quite a flair. Why not get married right on stage? There is also a large rehearsal studio space that is available for rental for parties, weddings, or receptions.

The Norvell Theater, Salisbury’s resident children’s theater, is another great non-traditional option.  This intimate space is beautiful and has been customized for a number of events.

Lee Street Theatre is a perfect venue for a wedding. Lee Street’s staff will professional stage and light your wedding and reception and help plan your event every step of the way.

The Rowan Museum is a truly romantic space for a wedding. The Messinger Room has a wrap-around interior balcony, outdoor balconies, and a beautiful garden for your guests. The exterior of the museum is stately and ideal for the perfect wedding photos.

If you are looking for something a little bit more traditional, check out the Historic Salisbury Depot. This 1908 Salisbury Railway Passenger Station is a spacious and elegant and includes the former Grand Waiting Room, two parlors, former ticket booth, catering kitchen, large adjacent covered concourse, and trellised garden.

If a larger space is what you require, of over 300+ people, check out the F&M Trolley Barn. The open floor plan allows for wedding planning creativity.

Don’t forget about transportation! You can rent a traditional trolley too!

Event Planning in Salisbury, NC

If you have ever visited Salisbury, North Carolina, then you know just how lovely it is. Public art lines the streets. Restored historic homes and buildings provide old-world Southern charm. There are unique shopping spots and eclectic cafes and eateries. Families stroll the walkways or bike the streets. Art galleries and theatres, music venues, and farmer’s markets are city hot spots. Nearly every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall, there is a festival where streets are shut down and fun abounds.

Salisbury is a true gem of a city. Where else can you eat a famous Hap’s hot dog, buy a couture wedding gown at Bellissima, peruse stunning art at Pottery 101, visit a late 19th century oil painting at Old Sarum Gallery, see a wonderful production at the Norvell Children’s Theater, and then have a high-gravity beer and a pie at the Salty Caper, all within a three-block radius?

If you are looking to plan a wedding, hold a seminar, or rent a conference room, Downtown Salisbury is just the place.

Wedding Venues    Conference Space

      Salisbury North Carolina

Things to do in Rowan County

Brick Street LiveRowan County is a wonderful North Carolina destination. Located mid-way between Charlotte and Greensboro, family-friendly events are countless.

Gold Hill is known for its historic downtown with quaint shops including the E.H. Montgomery General Store, where bluegrass music is a mainstay.

downtown salisbury inc logoSalisbury has a vibrant and inviting downtown with tremendous local flair. Throughout the year, festivals line the streets.

Pops at the Post draws thousands of people to experience the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra live. Public art is alive and well in Downtown Salisbury and so are the many art opportunities for the community including Waterworks Gallery, the Salisbury Art Station, Pottery 101, and the Rowan Museum.

A-day-out-with-thomas-41Spencer is home to lovely shops like the Green Goat Gallery or fantastic restaurants like Pinocchio’s.  It is also the home of the North Carolina Transportation Museum, where you might just run into Thomas the Tank Engine or the Polar Express.

The parks in Rowan County are unprecedented. Dan Nicholas Park remains a family favorite with a petting barn, camping, paddle boating, miniature locomotives, and a historic carousel. Rockwell park is tucked away and is a hidden gem in the community. City Park and Hurley Park are lined with beautiful walking trails. Sloan Park is ideal for walking, biking, and good old-fashioned family fun.

Rowan County also has a beautiful greenway in Salisbury for walking or biking, and the Salisbury Bike Coalition hosts community bike rides weekly.

There are several wineries in Rowan County as well including Morgan Ridge, Old Stone, and Cauble Creek.

The local colleges hold many events throughout the year as well. Livingstone College hosts theatrical and musical productions as well as some of the largest sports events in the area. Rowan Cabarrus Community College holds community fairs, and Catawba College is known for its music, theater, sports, and community outreach events.

leestreetlogoRowan County is home to three community theaters as well. The award-winning Lee Street theatre is known for its edgy, “off- Broadway” productions. The Meroney Theater is a historic theater and home to Piedmont Players and produces classic community theater productions. The Norvell Theater is Salisbury’s” premier” children’s theater and draws thousands every season.

Whether you wish to ride a beautiful carousel or a historic steam engine, Rowan County has what you are looking for.

Visit Community Picnic, Visit Salisbury, or Downtown Salisbury Inc. for more information. community Picnic Logo 1

 Salisbury Business Center

The Salisbury Business Center is located in the heart of Downtown Salisbury and is available for events, seminars, key-person space, office suites, conferences, and more. Visit or contact at

Business Industry Tour

10648989_790349581025607_3057828130542033906_oA Business Industry Tour was held at the Salisbury Business Center and Integro Technologies on Thursday, October 23, 2014. Major manufacturers, the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce, RowanWords Economic Development, local business owners, and the Charlotte Business Journal were in attendance.

The event resulted in a two wonderful articles in the Charlotte Business Journal about the Salisbury Business Center and Integro Technologies.